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Insurance Agency Automation Software to Boost Efficiency

You know that Broker Tool Belt is all about sharing business and marketing practices to help insurance agencies succeed. Our latest recommendation is insurance agency automation software.

Insurance Agency Automation Software

As an insurance agency grows, the number of marketing and business tools it utilizes also grows. Managing all of these tools on different platforms can involve a lot of time and budget. That is why it can be extremely helpful to have one system that connects all of your platforms and allows them to work together.

Fortunately, technology has brought us insurance agency automation software, with the power to manage a large portion of business and marketing practices at the same time. There are services that give us the ability to actually log in to just one platform and perform all of our business needs–from website metrics to sales emails–in one place.

Our favorite insurance agency automation software can help with hosting all of your business tools in one place:


insurance agency automation software

Log in to Hubspot and control marketing, contacts, social all from one place.

Hubspot may as well be a synonym for insurance agency automation software. You name it, they probably do it. A one stop shop for your marketing and sales needs, Hubspot is self-defined as an “inbound marketing and sales software that helps companies attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers.” Our favorite features include:

    1. They have their own sales and CRM software. Track customers, leads, and prospects, and send emails with custom templates that you can track through the entire pipeline. If you don’t use their CRM or Sales software, they’ll help you integrate with whatever else you use.
    2. Website! You can easily build a website with Hubspot that will integrate with your email marketing and CRM. This includes easy to use templates and SEO optimization.
    3. As insurance agency automation software, Hubspot has its own blog platform with tools that speed up creation, keep formatting consistent, and make it easy to optimize for search.
    4. We all love hootsuite, but what if you could schedule your posts at the same time you publish a blog post and send an email?
    5. Email marketing and automation. A great tool for outreach at scale, Hubspot covers all the bases of email marketing including drip campaigns, custom templates, subscription centers, and segmentation.

Hubspot also helps users build landing pages, measure analytics, improve SEO, track advertising ROI, build strong calls to action, and more.



Metrics for blog posts in WordPress.

WordPress is a simpler insurance agency automation software than Hubspot, but it is certainly a platform where agencies can get a lot of the automated characteristics they need, like a custom domain, website, and blog. An ad-free version of WordPress starts at only $2.99 a month, making it one of the more affordable (but still powerful) tools in the space. Businesses can choose from several themes for their website and blog and take advantage of plenty of free plugins to help with practices like search engine optimization, contact forms, security, and analytics. You can also use the free WordPress plugin “LeadIn” from Hubspot to get familiar with the platform if it’s something you eventually want to purchase.



A look at building emails in MailChimp.

In recent months, MailChimp has released a number of features that go beyond just email marketing, and really embraced the idea of insurance agency automation software. The best part is, a lot of them are free. If your agency is looking to focus on email marketing and social media advertising, this is a great platform. They have marketing automation and built-in segmentation tools to make it easy to run campaigns based on customer actions. Email templates are also plenty, and it’s easy (almost automatic) to build one that works for your agency. Two more features we love:

    1. Reporting: MailChimp’s reporting feature includes access to interactive graphs, activity reports per subscriber, and revenue reports.
    2. Build Facebook and Instagram advertisements with just a few clicks. Using the same interface as their email function, you can build an advertisement and target existing and new customers.

Stay tuned for powerful tools to help your agency be the best it can be.