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Insurance Agency Conversion Optimization to Generate More Leads

May 06, 2019

When your marketing efforts consistently attract HR professionals to your website, you might think the next logical step is to increase the traffic: the higher the number of visitors, the bigger the opportunity to get more clients. But if you keep filling a leaky bucket with water, would you be getting more water or would you be wasting resources? If your website is not optimized to convert visitors into prospects, increasing traffic won’t necessarily result in more clients. People will find your website easily, but they might not engage or show interest in your agency. In this week’s post, we share insurance agency conversion optimization strategies to help you get more visitors signing a broker of record letter.

What is insurance agency conversion optimization?

Conversion rate optimization is the process of increasing the percentage of visitors that complete a desired action or goal on your website, that might be requesting a quote, scheduling a consultation, or signing up to receive emails from you. Let’s break down the concept to get a deeper understanding.


In marketing, conversion refers to any action or goal you want your visitors to complete on your website. Conversions differ from business to business as they can be defined as any action that helps accomplish business goals. In your case, that would be selling insurance. For example, if leads who schedule a consultation have a higher conversion rate, then the consultation is the action. If throughout the month 50 people scheduled a consultation, you would count 50 conversions that month.

Conversion Rate

Conversion rate indicates the number of times a visitor completes one of the goals divided by your site traffic and multiplied by 100. For example, let’s say you get 1,000 visits per month, and from those 1,000 users, 50 schedule a consultation, your conversion rate will be 5%. This percentage indicates how effective your website is at converting visitors into prospects, 100% being the most effective.

optimize your insurance agency conversion rate

Insurance Agency Conversion Optimization

Optimizing your conversion rate means you are increasing conversions, not increasing traffic. For example, from those 1,000 visits per month, you were originally getting 50 conversions but, after optimizing your website, conversions increase to 100. Keeping the same amount of traffic, your conversion rate would then increase to 10%.

In this case, trying to generate a higher volume of traffic to get more clients is not necessarily the right approach. The starting point is a healthy marketing strategy that is consistently driving traffic to your website. After, focus your efforts on getting more from your current traffic.

Where should you start?

The first step to insurance agency conversion optimization is to identify what your current conversion rate is and what it means. Is it bad, good, or average? Is it better than your competitors?? Collect your data and compare it with behavior in your industry. There are studies and research you can compare your results with, like this benchmark report.

Once you learn what your status is, the second step is to distinguish the problematic areas that need improvement. To carry out this task, it is important to understand the path visitors take to become clients, also known as the customer journey. Knowing how users browse your website will give you insights about where they might be getting stuck. Not every prospect will take the same path, but mapping out routes will help you discover what specific areas need optimization.

To fulfill these two steps you will need tools. Below, we share some examples to help you with your insurance agency conversion optimization:

Research tools

Research tools provide qualitative data to help you get insights into the ?why?.

The best method to gain knowledge about your audience behavior is by asking them directly. Survey Monkey and SoGoSurvey are popular online survey options. But if you are just starting, Google Forms is simpler and completely free. By asking the right questions, you will get feedback from your audience about what you are doing right and wrong.

Analytics Tools

Analytics tools, like Google Analytics, provide quantitative data about your website. This free service tracks your visitor’s behavior and provides reports for you to measure engagement. A/B testing allows you to experiment with a hypothesis and discover what works better for your audience. Lastly, heat map software will help you identify pain points by showing visitors? behavior on your website.

3 Ideas To Insurance Agency Conversion Optimization

When diving into insurance agency conversion optimization, assumptions don’t matter. Conversion rate optimization is all about data, and data is specific to your agency and your audience. The actions taken by another business to optimize their conversion rate might not work for you. However, below we share three ideas you can start exploring:

Make It Clear

There are visitors that don’t want to be nurtured through your marketing programs. They would rather strictly speak business and talk to you about your benefits plan options. They won’t fill out a form or subscribe to your blog, so make it easy for them to take action. For example, include a compelling call to action for them to schedule a personal consultation.

Optimize Your Blog

If you are writing a blog it’s because you know how important content is in your marketing strategy. But your posts need to be optimized for conversion. Most likely, if you have been blogging for a while, some posts outperform others. First, identify the blog posts that drive higher levels of traffic but have low conversion rates and then optimize them. For example,

Messages Tool

Identify the high-converting pages on your website and add a messages tool. Giving your visitors the possibility to chat in real-time will increase the chances of them becoming clients. Prospects will stay longer on that page and will make a decision faster since they can get answers to their questions right away.

Final Thoughts About Insurance Agency Conversion Optimization

If you decide to start your insurance agency conversion optimization, it won’t be easy, but it will help you to fully understand your audience and generate a better ROI. In other words, you will get better results with the same resources by improving your acquisition efforts. There are a lot of case studies, words of advice, and best practices out there, but always keep in mind that what might have worked for others, might not work for you. Use your own data and insights to make decisions and ultimately sell insurance.

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