Insurance Social Media Marketing: How to Get Started

The case for getting your business on social media is strong, and the benefits are clear. Social media helps create and build relationships as well as generate leads, all of which are crucial to any business. In addition to recognizing its strengths, starting to incorporate insurance social media into your business model can seem like an overwhelming task.


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Introducing Broker Tool Belt, an Insurance Marketing Blog

Welcome to the Broker Tool Belt, a new health insurance marketing blog.

Over the last decade and a half we’ve seen the rise in popularity of personal computers, the Internet, and mobile phones. With that rise has come a change in human interaction. We can instantly send a message to the other side of the world, share a video to 1,000 of our closest friends, and close business deals without ever meeting in-person. The constant in all this change, is people. The fundamentals of sales and client relationships haven’t change, but the mediums and mechanisms certainly have.


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The Rise of Private Benefit Exchanges

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Smart employers are beginning to realize employee benefits are a valuable tool, both for recruiting and for retaining top talent. A strong benefits package that allows employees to customize their plan builds employee loyalty, while simultaneously encouraging lower absenteeism, higher work productivity and overall increased job satisfaction. Essentially, the power of choice is a greatly sought after option for those seeking benefits.


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