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Set Up Employer Groups with Ease

Julianne Bartlett
March 15, 2022

At Ease, we’re committed to our broker customers. That’s why we’re now offering complimentary Group Builds — making it easier than ever for you to get employer groups up and running. Whether you have 5 groups or 50, our team will input, or build, those groups in our platform, and set them up with the appropriate plans and connections, ensuring the next round of benefits enrollment is a seamless experience. Let our team do the heavy lifting, so you can use your time where it matters most.

For Agency and Enterprise Ease subscribers, all you have to do is enable this setting and provide basic group-level details — our dedicated team will take care of the rest. For Pro Ease subscribers, please reach out to your Ease team to enable group builds for your brokerage.

What are group builds for digital benefits administration?

“Group builds” refers to inputting a new employer group’s information into Ease. But we don’t just stop at adding a new employer group to our platform, we also build out their benefit plans and establish carrier connections, where applicable, so the group is “live” and ready to go when benefits enrollment comes around.

How do Ease group builds work?

To jumpstart a group build, Agency and Enterprise subscribers first enable the Case Build feature from your broker marketplace within Ease. Then, you identify each group you want added to the platform and provide the necessary company and plan documentation to complete the process.

How do I get started?

To take advantage of the group build offering from Ease, you first need to enable the group build feature. To do this, log in to your broker portal, head to the marketplace, and click Subscription. From here, click the Case Build tile and then click enable.

Once you’ve enabled group builds, navigate to the To-Dos section of your dashboard. Here, you’ll notice a Case Build tab. This is where you will add each of the groups to be built.

There are two options for adding a group:

  1. Go ahead and set up a group shell within Ease using basic employer information like company name, address, number of employees, and job class, division, or department information if applicable.
  2. Upload that same information via a spreadsheet.

Once you’ve submitted a new group to be built, you can monitor its status from the Case Build tab.

What do you need from me?

In addition to the basic employer information provided when you add a group, you’ll also need to provide documentation about the group’s benefits, including the group census as well rate and contribution charts for medical and ancillary plans.

A group build worksheet, accessible from the group build dashboard, is available to download and outlines the information our team needs to get started. Here’s what works great for group builds:

Your Ease team will follow up if they require any clarification on a group’s benefits or group structure. Our team will build out the corresponding benefits and import the employee census on your behalf. Once we’ve finalized the new group, you should expect to provide quality review and signoff for each respective company prior to going live.

How long will this process take?

A new group can be ready within 14 business days. If no additional information is needed, a group is built within three business days once all documents are submitted. After that, please allow up to five business days each for quality assurance review and for your final review.

There’s no limit to the number of groups we’ll build. We want to help you ensure your clients have the most seamless online benefits enrollment experience yet. What are you waiting for?

Log into your broker marketplace and select the Case Build tile to start, or reach out to your Ease team with questions. Not an Ease user? Schedule a demo and get started with complimentary group builds

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