Savings with Ease and freshbenies

It’s no secret that healthcare costs are skyrocketing and medical plans don’t cover what they used to. Uncertainty around the ACA, higher premiums and deductibles, plus growing out-of-pocket costs have brokers and employers looking for new money-saving solutions. The new Ease and freshbenies partnership gives brokers and employers real cost-saving tools – at affordable prices they want with the flexibility they need.

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Ease and Plushcare: Access to Telehealth

Ease and Plushcare are working together to bring increased telehealth access to brokers and employers across the country. Committed to providing options for one of the fastest-growing healthcare services, brokers and employers using Ease now have the ability to add telehealth with Plushcare to their benefit offerings.

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How President Trump can eliminate employers biggest concern in 2017

President-elect Trump’s inauguration is set for January 20th. One of his first and perhaps most public commitments is to repealing the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) as it stands today.  While Congress already has begun putting the steps in motion to initiate the process.. – we likely won’t see it come to fruition for several weeks after he’s come in to office. Even then, the repeal might not even be made effective until much later down the road. That said, when it does come into effect – many believe we will be able to offer better care at lower prices.

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