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Get back to business by going online with Ease, in partnership with your broker.

Employee dashboard for benefits administration to pick a medical plan showing two different options and the semi-monthly cost

A Better Benefits Experience for All

Ease is a modern benefits administration and HR software for you and your employees - offered for free by your health insurance broker.

Form representing the opportunity to make better healthcare decisions with Ease

Better Decisions

Ease helps your employees make smarter decisions with copays, coverage, SBCs, and actual costs at their fingertips.

Stopwatch depicting fast enrollments

Faster Enrollments

Employees only enter their information once, are required to complete all fields, and can digitally sign enrollment forms.

Health insurance card representing access to benefits information

24/7 Access

Employees can access Ease via web, mobile, or iOS and Android app to view important benefit details year-round.

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You're Ready for Online Enrollment

A solution that’s simple for your employees and powerful for you.

Broker Supported

Your health insurance broker can set up, manage, and teach you how to use Ease. Have a question? Your broker is there for you.


Digital Enrollment

Ease maps employee information to carrier enrollment forms so no field is left incomplete. Employees can even e-sign their forms.

Plan Comparison

Employees can compare their unique plan details, like copays and deductibles, in a single view, helping them make better decisions.

Comparison chart in Ease showing medical plan options for employees to make better healthcare decisions
Employees tab in the company profile to facilitate benefits administration inside the Ease system
Enrolled, enrolling, and not started status of employees dashboard to make benefits administration easier for employers

Enrollment Progress Dashboard

Email employees about open enrollment and view a snapshot of enrollment progress for each employee directly in Ease.


You don’t have to be a Fortune 500 company to submit enrollments directly to insurance carriers. EaseConnect is simpler, safer, and gets your employees their ID cards faster.

Plan profile window in the Ease system indicating Ease partners
Message in the system confirming the submission to Ease partners has been accepted

Mobile Apps

Access your benefit information on-the-go with the Ease iOS and Android app. Your benefits should be mobile, just like your employees.

Form with magnifying glass representing access to insurance information

Access Insurance Info on Demand

Cloud with down arrow depicting offline access to information

Review Policy Numbers Offline

Ease mobile app representing how benefits administration is accessible from anywhere at any time
Computer with face icon representing fingerprint and face log in

Use Your Fingerprint or Face to Log In

Form with wheel icon depicting one place for all information

Benefit Information All in One Place

Start Doing Benefits Online Today

Ease is managed by your employee benefits broker. If you already have a benefits broker, ask them about Ease. If you want to be introduced to a broker that currently offers Ease for free, click below:

See what your business could look like online.

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