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Ease Brokers Lead Open Enrollment

Paige Jarzabkowski
September 19, 2022

The arrival of the 2022 Open Enrollment Readiness Report reveals that not only is technology the solution for enrollments, but Ease is the key. 

After surveying a total of 1,745 employers, brokers, and agencies, our 2022 Open Enrollment Readiness Report features top trends this open enrollment season. Dive on in, and set yourself up for success.

Technology remains key to unlocking open enrollment.

Employer groups have spoken: Technology plays a huge role in their open enrollment. Nearly 74% of employers believe benefits administration technology is a higher or equal priority going into this year’s open enrollment. Though only 30.70% report using a technology solution for enrollment currently. 

Growing your book of business is that much easier with the addition of a benefits administration software. And agencies with a solution are using it to their advantage. Nearly 75% of agencies surveyed pitch benefits administration technology when going after new business. 

Take it a step further to set yourself apart from the rest — offer the service for free. Consider this: 59.43% of employers say they are more likely to choose a broker who offers a free benefits administration technology solution. We all love a good deal, right? 

The secret to winning new business? Ease. 

The elimination of paper forms is only the first step. Make it to the top by becoming the ultimate business solution for employer groups. Employers’ responsibilities don’t stop at benefits. Payroll and HR are huge components for your clients’ businesses. The numbers don’t lie — 40.83% of employers note payroll integration is a key feature when considering new technology. It’s time to offer them a solution that eliminates all their stressors. 

And you don’t have to be on this journey alone — Ease is your official tour guide. Our all-in-one platform includes payroll integrations, HR solutions, ACA compliance, and more to help you retain your current clients and win new business. In fact, 80.04% of Ease users won new business, while for non-Ease users, that win column drops to just 11.55%. And yes, your math is right, that means Ease brokers were six times more likely to win business than non-users!

Keep your churn rates low year-over-year.

It’s not a secret that the benefits world has been evolving over the past few years. A global pandemic, rising inflation, lower retention rates — businesses are still playing defense. Now more than ever, it’s crucial to keep your employer groups happy and reduce churn rates. Ease is here to help. In fact, 88.45% of non-Ease users reported losing business this past year as opposed to the 19.96% of Ease brokers. Check all the boxes for your employers by offering Ease as their benefits administration software. 

The answer to open enrollment? Make it easy.

The results don’t lie, Ease sets brokers up with a home advantage. To expand your book of business and keep your current clients happy, you need a benefits administration software that meets their needs. Benefits are only step one on the path to becoming the business solution. Satisfy all aspects of your clients’ businesses by introducing HR solutions, payroll integrations, ACA compliance, TPA connections, and more with Ease. 

The official study guide for open enrollment.

Skip the cram session the night before the start of the fourth quarter. Study up on all the findings with your own copy of the 2022 Open Enrollment Readiness Report now.

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