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Bring benefits management online

Discover powerful digital tools for a modern HR department.

Maximize HR efficiency, ensure compliance with state and federal laws to avoid penalties and fines, and get statistical insight into what current and future employees want with Ease’s human resource management system (HRMS).

It’s more than a benefits administration system, it’s a way for employers to get an edge recruiting and retaining the right people for their teams, too.

Max-out HR efficiency.

Access an enrollment progress dashboard to view a snapshot of employee eligibility, enrollment progress for each employee, and who may need an email reminder to complete their enrollment — all of which can be done directly in Ease.

Quickly and accurately manage additions, terminations, time off requests and approvals, benefits and demographic changes, and more. Employers will also receive notifications when an employee adds a qualifying life event (QLE) or changes a demographic detail that impacts their benefits.

Pre-built plans can be added from partners with rates, forms, and documents pre-populated. Ease integrates with top-tier payroll providers to sync deduction and demographic information. Over 6,000 carrier forms can also be added and digitally mapped to any plan in Ease, and if an employer needs a form that’s not in the system, we’ll map it for them.

Simplify your onboarding process by generating and sending offer letters, ensuring required forms are completed, and digitally collect signatures for policy documents. 


To keep employees happy, it’s important to understand whether the benefits being offered are working. Ease generates helpful reports to show what employees are choosing to help inform future benefit offerings. 

Retain and attract employees

Ease is simpler, smarter, safer, and gets your employees on board and using their benefits faster.

Upfront by design.

Ease helps employees compare plans in a single, side-by-side view that they can share at home with their dependents. This helps them make smarter decisions with actual costs, like copays and deductibles, and the cost per-pay period during enrollment.

On-the-go access.

Employees are mobile, and their benefits should be too. The Ease mobile app is available on iOS and Android, which puts a company directory, time-off calendar, and benefits information in employees’ pockets 24/7/365. And, they only need to remember one login and password for onboarding, benefits, and HR purposes.

Guarantee compliance

HR management teams can save themselves hours and let simple software make non-compliance a thing of the past — and be as uncomplicated and painless as possible.

Stay ACA and ERISA compliant and avoid IRS penalties. Employers can measure and track variable-hour employees and generate signature-ready IRS forms to ensure the coverage offered meets IRS affordability guidelines.

Eases’s straightforward benefits administration software also scans for viruses and malicious programs and uses two-factor authentication for secure access and data privacy.

Get your to-dos to-done.

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