Online HR Department Resources

In the blink of an eye, the world has changed — and the challenges we face today are unlike anything we’ve experienced. We get it, that’s why we’ve created these Online HR Department Resources. 

  1. Handling COVID-19 Related Circumstances in Ease
  2. Support and Training for Employers New to Ease
  3. Support and Training for Employers Currently Using Ease

Whether you’ve been using Ease for a while or are just getting started, we’ve assembled several handy resources to help you handle COVID-19 related circumstances in Ease and to help you quickly learn and get the most from Ease.

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Succeeding As An SMB’s First HR Hire

It’s more than common for a small business owner to manage HR for their company. In fact, 95% of businesses with less than 75 employees don’t have a designated HR team*. Eventually, it can become too time-consuming for a business owner to manage things like employee benefits, hiring, and payroll, in addition to running a business. We wanted to know more about this transition and what it’s like to be a small business’ first HR hire, so we sat down with Ease‘s first HR hire, Jill Pittman.

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Benefits and HR For Employees On The Go

Managing HR for a small business is often a role owned by someone in the company that has many other responsibilities. That’s the case for Michelle Martinez at Safeway Electric. Safeway Electric is a one-stop shop for electrical and solar energy requests in Southern California. Their technicians are always on the go, serving residential and commercial electrical needs around the clock.

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Are You Managing HR As A Business Owner?

75% of workers will stay with an organization longer if their employer listens to and addresses their concerns[note][/note]. If you’re managing human resources (HR) as a business owner, you can implement strong HR practices to help reduce employee turnover, seek and attract better talent, and increase productivity per employee[note][/note].

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Achieving Your Business Goals In 2019

There are plenty of moving parts when it comes to flying. Pilots have to manage speed, run communications for take-off and landing, and be prepared to improvise if something goes wrong. But, from the beginning, everyone has to agree to go in the same direction and measure progress against that direction. It’s the same story with Objectives and Key Results (OKRs). The direction is set by the business owners and OKRs are used to ensure everyone is contributing to progress towards that direction.

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Best Practices For Time-Off Policies

In recent years, time-off policies have taken center stage for businesses when recruiting and hiring new employees. A compensation package is no longer defined by a salary and healthcare alone, but by the additional benefits offered to keep employees motivated and productive. This is largely because millennials, the largest group in the workforce, are two times more likely to consider paid time-off as the most important benefit when compared to baby boomers.

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Structured Interviews Help Acquire The Right Talent

It’s important to hire employees who can be trusted to carry out the overall mission of your business. Structured interviews are one of the best places to start. In this post, we will explore how structured interviews help acquire the right talent and allow you to build a team of people dedicated to achieving your business’s goals. We’ve included insights from Jacqui Maguire, Director of Talent Acquisition at Greenhouse, a leading provider of applicant tracking and recruiting software.

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