Office Time Wasters- Best Practices for HR Departments

sand clock representing office time wasters

Summer is here and we are all looking for ways to leave the office earlier to enjoy the beautiful weather with family and friends. Human resources executives and benefits managers know that day-to-day processes can be both tedious and repetitive. They are some of the biggest office time wasters we know.

To help human resources managers and benefits coordinators streamline systems, we’ve outlined best practices that can both save time this summer and prevent rote, repetitive work in the future:

Use Cloud Storage

While the rest of the world has realized the positive impacts of cloud storage, HR administrators and benefits professionals are still averse to how technology can create operational efficiencies.

Informational security has been a major concern for cloud-skeptics.  However, secure solutions have emerged that should help even the most antiquated industries get over the hurdle.

Some of the most important benefits of using the cloud for human resource operations include:

      • The ability to access company, employee and regulatory information from anywhere at any time.This can be an invaluable asset for companies with multiple offices or businesses with travelling and offsite employees.
      • Simple and intuitive systemsthat get rid of paper filing and are easy to use
      • Easy access and adaptable datathat will make compliance, administration and future planning a breeze

Data Is Your Friend

Information stored in the cloud is critical for companies that want to use collected data to make better, more-informed and more-efficient decisions for their employees. By taking a holistic view at company and employee data, human resource administrators can make customized choices about which healthcare providers, benefits packages and wellness decisions make the most sense at what time.

Automation, automation, automation

To that same end, data analysis doesn’t have to be a manual, time-consuming process. After spending office hours and resources aggregating important employee and compliance data, a number of companies neglect to make use of them.

For companies that are unsure of how to take advantage of data, technology can be an infinitely useful tool and currently available machine learning techniques can organize, analyze and realize aggregated company data into simple and relatable terms. Safe and reliable software can provide critical suggestions for building complete benefits programs that employees will love.

With these best practices, human resources professionals can get difficult administrative tasks done in a timely manner and get out to enjoy the summer sun.